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Hi, We Are Padoca.

The first Brazilian bakery in the heart of Dublin. We are based on 64 Capel Street, serving the best Brazilian snacks, cakes, tapiocas, and much more from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm, and Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm. 

Our products are 100% homemade and fresh, produced every day to serve our clients with the maximum quality and excellence they deserve.

Padoca was born in April 2019 from the union of two young entrepreneurs,  Tatiane and Neto, who came from Brazil to Ireland to fulfil their dream: bring to the country the taste of home.

After a few years on the island, the longing and tradition of going to Brazilian bakeries for breakfast got stronger and stronger, so they decided that it was time to undertake. In addition to the breathtaking landscapes, Ireland has an incredible growing culinary journey. That's why Tatiane and Neto felt that this could be a great addition to the city, and they were just right!

Padoca brought flavours from all parts of Brazil, from our beloved tapioca, which originated from North and Northeast, to our famous coxinha, loved by Paulistas.

Tatiana Sader


Fresh and high- quality baked goods, year-round.

Pão de Queijo



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Unique baking for your best occasion.



Good! We got the perfect blend for you.

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Your Brazilian Bakery in Dublin.

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Enjoy your party, we take care of the food.